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About Me

Hi I’m Adriana, owner and operator of Doggyland Grooming. My passion for animals has led me to become a dog groomer and I couldn’t be any happier with my decision. I have been trained by an International Certified Master Groomer in Tauranga and I’m always trying to upskill when I can. 
Dogs have been my best friends since a very young age and being able to work and look after them gives me great pleasure. 
Dogs are very sensitive beings and they can pick up on your mood. If they aren’t happy this can impact on the way they behave and react. My aim is to make them relaxed and happy while they are being groomed. I have a diffuser that spritzes calming essential oils and use relaxing, soothing music for dogs to help. Some dogs will take a few visits to relax, but over time, I will gain their trust completely.

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